1. write down the property of reflex
  2. write down the features of brown sequard syndrome
  3. write down the function of thalamus
  4. write down the function of hypothalamus
  5. write down the function of basal ganglia
  6. write down the function of cerebellum
  7. write down the function of dorsal column of spinal cord
  8. write down the property of synapse

Explain Why

  1. Babinski sign is positive in upper motor lesion
  2. parasympathetic nervous system is an anabolic system
  3. pain in gall bladder referred to the tip of right shoulder
  4. flaccid paralysis occur in lower motor lesion
  5. REM sleep is called paradoxical sleep
  6. rigidity occur in upper motor lesion

Short note

  1. short note on Parkinson’s disease and its characteristics
  2. short note on lesion of cerebellum
  3. short note on properties of receptors
  4. What is referred pain
  5. explain stretch reflex
  6. Explain mechanism of pain inhibition
  7. write short note on blood brain barrier
  8. write short note on muscle tone
  9. what is Synaptic plasticity
  10. what is cerebellar dysfunction


  1. differentiate between upper motor neuron lesion v/s lower motor lesion
  2. differentiate between sympathetic v/s parasympathetic system
  3. differentiate between chemical v/s electrical synapse
  4. differentiate between spasticity v/s rigidity
  5. differentiate between REM v/s NREM sleep
  6. differentiate between superficial v/s deep pain