Long Questions

1. With the help of diagram, describe the auditory pathway. Add a note on conduction deafness

2. Trace the visual pathway and the effects of lesion at various points in the pathway

4. Explain the role of vestibular apparatus in posture and equilibrium.

Short Questions

1. Aqueous humour

2. Effects of lesion in optic pathway

3. Nystagmus

4. Photoreceptors

5. Functions of Rods and Cones

6. Colour blindness

7. Colour vision

8. Astigmatism

9. Visual aquity

10. Accomodation reflex

11. Errors of refraction

12. Functions of vestibular apparatus

13. Organ of Corti

14. Functions of middle ear

15. Auditory pathway with suitable diagram

16. Trichromatic theory of colour vision

17. Draw the structure of rods and cones

18. Presbyopia

19. Functions of utricle and saccule

20. Basilar membrane

21. Components of vestibular apparatus

22. Attenuation Reflex