1. Conventional contraceptive methods
  2. Function of placenta
  3. Physiological changes during pregnancy
  4. Features of turners syndrome
  5. Contraceptive methods in females

Long Questions

1. What is menstrual cycle, Explain the ovarian changes taking place during menstrual cycle

2. Describe the hormonal and endometrial changes occurring during a normal menstrual cycle

Short Questions

4. Indicators of ovulation

5. Functions of Sertoli cells

6. Write short note on Functions of placenta

7. Write short note on Placental hormones

8. Explain the hormonal regulation of menstrual cycle **

9. Write Short Note On Spermatogenesis

10. Phases of menstrual cycle

11. Ovarian and endometrial changes of menstrual cycle

15. Contraceptive methods in female

20. Functions of testosterone

22. How does temperature influence in spermatogenesis

23. Effects of estrogen on uterine endometrium

24. LH Surge

25. Role of oxytocin in female reproduction


  1. Leydig cells and Sertoli cells
  2. Estrogen and progesterone