Long Questions

1. Describe the composition, functions and regulation of secretion of saliva

2. Describe the composition, functions, different phases and regulation of secretion of gastric juice

3. . Short note on mucosal barrier and gastric ulcer

4. Describe digestion and absorption of fat in the digestive tract. Write a note on steatorrhoea

5. Describe in detail the phases of deglutition

Short Questions

1. Explain mechanism of secretion of hydrochloric acid in stomach

2. Stages of deglutition

3. Explain components and functions of bile

4. Enterohepatic circulation of bile

5. Describe the phases of gastric juice secretion

6. Peristalsis

7. Regulation of salivary secretions

8. Functions of pancreatic juice

9. Composition and functions of saliva

10. Types of gastrointestinal movements and factors affecting gastric motility

11. Gastric emptying

12. Gastric Motility and Migrating Motor Complex (MMC)

13. Pathophysiology of peptic ulcer

14. Myoenteric reflex

15. Mechanism of actions of gastrin

16. Functions of bile salts

17. Draw schematically how HCL is formed

18. Achalasia Cardia

19. Steatorrhea

20. Briefly describe the process of deglutition

21. Dietary fibers