1. Define Mean arterial pressure

2. what are the factors affecting heart rate ?

3. What are the factors affecting surfactant

4. What is systolic, diastolic, pulse and mean arterial pressure?

5. What are the types vessels

6. What are the factors affecting arterial BP

Long Questions

1. Describe the structure and function of the conductive system of the heart and compare the action potential of ventricular muscle and pacemakers

2. Describe with help of diagram Electrical, mechanical and volume changes during one cardiac cycle. Short note on heart sounds **

3. Describe in detail with diagram of Events in cardiac cycle..

4. . Describe the regulation of cardiac output?

5. Define cardiac output. Discuss the factors regulating cardiac output.

6. What is vasomotor center?

7. Discuss the long term regulation of Arterial blood pressure.

8. Describe the short-term regulation of Arterial blood pressure

9. Describe the fetal circulation and discuss it special features.

10. Describe the phasic changes in coronary circulation and its clinical importance. Give an account of regulation of coronary blood flow

Short Questions

1. Auto rhythmicity of heart

4. Draw a normal ECG and label their components

6. P-R interval

7. QRS complex

8. Einthoven’s law

10. Influence of heart rate on cardiac output

11. Electrical activity of the SA node

12. Frank-starling’s law of heart

15. Pacemaker potential

17. Windkissel effect

18. Baroreceptor reflex

20. Regulation of coronary circulation

22. Heart failure

23. Hypovolemic shock

25. Conducting system of the heart

26. What is myocardial infarction? State one ECG change in this condition

27. Heart Block

29. Factors regulating cardiac output

30. Give Reasons of AV nodal delay

33. Short term regulation of blood pressure

Diferrence between

1.First heart sound V/S second heart sound

2. Difference between preload and afterload